Polished Image: Nail Care Tips

It should come as no surprise that plus-size identical twins Sandra Spencer and Cynthia Burks also chose the same profession. As manicurists at Morgan Taylor Salon in Sacramento, Calif., they’ve provided these tips for having great-looking nails:

  • Always wear gloves when washing dishes and gardening
  • Glue your acrylic nail tips to your nail bed once a week
  • If you have acrylic nails, stay away from acetone polish remover-it will melt the acrylic
  • Be extra careful when lighting candles-fire will burn your nail tips
  • Use cuticle conditioner twice a day to combat dryness
  • Use hand lotion as often as possible-especially if you work with paper, which can cause your acrylic nails to lift
  • Whether your nails are natural or artificial, use a four-way buffer to give your nails shine
  • If your nails are natural, use a fine grit file in order to protect nails
  • Always carry nail glue, just in case!

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