What is BBWMagazine.com’s mission?

The BBW’s mission is to empower plus-size women wherever they stand on the journey to self-acceptance and size acceptance. We strive to meet people where they are, providing a size-positive community and illuminating a path toward engaging in personal and political size activism.

Who publishes the BBW?

The BBW is published by BBW Media, LLC.

I have a news tip. Who should I contact?

Email tips@bbwmagazine.com.

How can I request a correction?

Please email your concern to info@bbwmagazine.com.

Do you accept queries?

We do accept queries. If you are interested in writing for BBWMagazine.com, please send your query and clips to info@bbwmagazine.com.

Can I repost a BBWMagazine.com article on my website?

It’s fine to link to our site or republish excerpts of our site for noncommercial purposes. To request permission to use content from our site commercially, please email permissions@bbwmagazine.com. Include information about the content you want to republish, your contact information, and how you intend to use the content.


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