Avoiding Wrinkles: Iron Clothes with Care

While ironing has become easier in the 400 years since it was invented, smoothing out those wrinkles still presents some challengers. Rowenta, the world’s leading maker of irons, share these pressing tips:

  • Embroidery and other fabric embellishments are in this season, but how do make the garment wrinkle-free? Lay it right side down on a terry towel and press by using a burst of steam.
  • Fashion is in the detail this spring, but how do you iron around delicate buttons? Cover and protect the button with the bowl of a spoon while pressing the surrounding fabric.
  • Don’t get ruffled when trying to press gathers and frills. Iron on the inside from the outer edge toward the gathers, or hang the garment and use a vertical burst of steam.
  • Pleats can be ironed to perfection if you press from the bottom, starting with the inside of the pleat and moving to the outside. You can also pin the top and bottom of pleat to the ironing board, as long as you don’t iron over the pins. To set the pleats, try a burst of steam.

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