Summer Hair Savers

The summer sun can wreak havoc on your locks, making your hair dry and brittle. Follow these steps to keep your tresses beautiful:

  1. Wear a hat when you go outdoors to keep those rays from damaging your hair
  2. Conditioners, shampoos and hair styling products that contain a sunblock are available. Use them!
  3. The chlorine in pools and hot tubs can damage hair. Before taking a dip, rub a little conditioner in your hair, and rinse your hair after getting out. The chlorine will stick to the conditioner, rather than your hair.
  4. Shampoo less but rinse more. If you’re tempted to shampoo more often because your scalp gets sweaty, don’t! Shampoo strips your hair of its protective natural oils. Instead, rinse with clear water.

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