A Lifetime of Leather

Good leather is an investment, and one that never goes out of style. To ensure that your investment holds its value, the Leather Apparel Association offers these suggestions for caring for your garment or shoes:

  • To maintain shape, always hang leather garments on wide or padded hangers, use shoetrees in footwear and stuff empty handbags with tissue
  • To prevent drying, never store leather goods in plastic or other non-breathable covers
  • Allow wet or damp leather to air dry, away from any heat source
  • Promptly remove any salt deposits from garments and footwear by sponging with clear water, then allow to air dry
  • Don’t use waxes, silicone products or other leather preparations that impair a garment’s ability to breathe
  • Wrinkles should hang out, but if you’re going to iron, use a rayon setting, heavy brown paper as a pressing cloth on the right side of the garment, and go over it quickly to prevent overheating and shine
  • Don’t spray perfume or hair spray while wearing your garment; wearing a scarf at the neckline will help keep hair and body oil away from the collar
  • When needed, take your garment to a professional leather cleaner
  • Because the color and texture may change slightly during the cleaning process, have matching pieces of a garment cleaned at the same time

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