What’s Wrong with this Picture?

The picture is perfect. The caption is despicable. Switch out the photo with one of Vincenzo Nibali (winner of the 2014 Tour de France), and the caption becomes nonsensical. The same would hold true if the photo depicted a thin woman. “Encourage and admire anyone who is trying to better themselves” is a smokescreen for “encourage and admire anyone who is trying to lose weight.” It’s also a reinforcement of the misguided notion that those who exercise are somehow better than those who don’t.

Chances are, the woman pictured is just fine with who she is; maybe she’s trying to “better” her race time, but it’s a safe assumption that she doesn’t define herself by the size of her body.

What’s right with this picture? Our fat sister appears to be empowered and living her dream. Ride on!

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