10 Tips for Sexy Lips

Pucker up! Here are 10 ways to make your lips oh-so-kissable:

  1. Exfoliate: Once a week, apply petroleum jelly to your lips and leave it on for five minutes. Dip a toothbrush in hot water and gently brush your lips. Dead skin will be history!
  2. Accentuate: Use lip liner after putting on your lipstick. Kiss-able!
  3. Plump and Pouty: Place a dot of sheer gold lipstick in the middle of your bottom lip. Press your top and bottom lips together. Fullness without collagen!
  4. Virginal: Instead of lipstick, try using a lip gloss and liner. Sheer ecstasy!
  5. Create: Get a plastic box will small compartments. Remove your lipsticks from their tubes, putting one color in each compartment. Make your own colors using a lipstick brush. Move over, DaVinci!
  6. Coverage: Don’t apply lipstick directly from the tube; use a brush for more even and long-lasting coverage. Smooch-able!
  7. Fresh: Use lip liner one shade darker than the natural color of your lips. Lips in bloom!
  8. Succulent: Apply a dark, berry colored lipstick, remove with tissue and repeat. Your lips will look like you’ve been eating fresh berries. Yummy!
  9. Moist: Licking your lips may appear sexy, but in reality, licking dries out lips. Especially when outdoors, keep your lips moisturized with lip protection products like balm or zinc oxide. Lip-guards to the rescue!
  10. Ultra-Sexy: The sexiest thing you can put on your lips is a smile!

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