Make-Up: Be Safe, Not Sorry

The chances that you’ll be seriously injured by your makeup are small, but it does happen. Use this common sense advice from the Consumer Information Center ( to make sure you’re beautiful and safe.

  • Never drive and apply makeup. Not only does it make for dangerous driving, but hitting a bump in the road can cause you to scratch your eyeball, which could in turn lead to an infection and serious injury to your eye.
  • Never share makeup. Always use a new disposable applicator when sampling products at a cosmetics counter. Insist that the salesperson clean container openings with alcohol before applying their contents to your skin.
  • Never add liquid to a product to bring back its original consistency. Adding other liquids could introduce bacteria that can easily grow out of control.
  • Stop using any product that causes an allergic reaction.
  • Throw away makeup if the color changes or an odor develops. Preservatives degrade over time and may no longer be able to fight bacteria.
  • Do not use eye makeup if you have an eye infection. Throw away all products you were using when you discovered the infection.
  • Keep makeup out of sunlight. Light and heat can degrade preservatives.
  • Keep makeup containers tightly closed when not in use.

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